Friday, December 26, 2008

A present from God!

We cannot find God in His heaven, and
As well, could not find Him in this barren
Earth also; He is missing altogether…

He is now sitting cool in our minds only,
And the greatest present He has given
Sitting there, is the gift of a beautiful
Lamp we call Love, ever radiating
Its magnificence in glory, to all.
Keep that lamp clean, wash it,
Polish it, pour oil in it, and add a wick
And light the golden flame;
Protect it from the hurricane lest it extinguish;
Make sure there is sufficient oil in it, always,
To keep the flame, ever glowing.
Carry it to enlighten others thoughts.
If ever we forget that any time,
Time is keeping a vigil to put it out,
Walking along with us, waiting for a chance.
Beware! It is a precious gift of the Almighty.

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