Thursday, December 25, 2008

Of human bondage...

Through tear filled eyes,
Through silent anguish.
Souls being separated;
The pangs of desolation
Is unknown to the cruel destiny!
Like sharing and partitioning
Gold, jewelry and wealth,
Never try to cut and tear away
The heart, of its cloying relations;
Never splinter and separate it.

The five elements of the universe have
Adorned you, the attire you are wearing,
On your soul and you never had a choice
To decide on what ever you desired;
Even if your attire is removed at
Your death, do not attempt to
Break away from a relationship of
The heart, because you are merely
A witness of a story being unfolded
On its own, without your effort or
Fancy or desire, or aspirations.
Do not interrupt its natural evolutions!

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