Monday, December 29, 2008

I am drowning in dreams…

Could you tell him about the love in my heart,
When you see him next, my dearest breeze?
Whatever my heart speaks you can
Whisper into his ears, softly,
And I am sure, your tinkling bangles
Will laugh out loud, at my stupid words,
Looking in the mirror of the placid river.
When the blue sky spread its peacock plumes,
A blossom starts smiling from the top of a tree.
My quivering desires became a ruby
In my heart yearning to hear his coquetry,
And to chatter my replies, garnished with love.

When I stand reticently near him
And my desires fuming inside like a volcano;
When I flee away playfully without answering
Him, and mutter my reproaches for being late.
As I desire with passion to see him again,
And to close my eyes, lest I see his trembling
Lips seeking to close on mine lustfully,
I am covered with a sweet bashfulness
And turn numb, stupefied and shudder.
But my dear friend, don’t tell him those things.

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