Saturday, December 27, 2008

Forest flames!

The Forest Flames were full of fiery blooms
Like the wood was set on fire.
The spring has arrived and all around
The nature attained puberty, her cheeks
Reddened and her eyes brightened.
How come your affections, turned to become
A tambourine, emiting vibrant music?
Which thoughts made the elixir for you,
To become, the cloyingness of a romantic poem?

You disappeared from the pathway,
Where the embers of the evening sun was
Glowing, like the lodestar of the evening sky.
How many rains and monsoons came in and retreated,
And scorching summer came and receded?
How many full moons, how many springs,
Went away silently, smothering the forlorn life?
I mounted your memories like the idol of
A deity, clasped in my chest, grappling them.

In this valley, where the Gulmohar blossomed,
Where the stars of flowers, flourish in glee,
When can I see the alluring countenance again?
When do I hear the endearing voice again?
I am waiting here, to glance once again
That love smitten smile, enamouring my life.
Are you grinning like a Carnation
Held in the palms of destiny?

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