Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As in an atom, protons and neutrons,
Electrons and nucleus, revolve in orbital;
So is the solar system, the sun, planets
And satellites are in motion eternally;
Revolving, rotating, orbiting around the beloved
Nucleus, always tending to close in, in its orbit
With active positive charge, embedded in it.

The role of the sun is like vibrant and intense love;
The lover always in orbital around
The beloved earth, seeking proximity
And always remain in the vicinity.
None of them have any options or desire
To change their paths of orbit;
It goes on desiring a fusion.

Humans also have the same urge in the mind
And are unable to change the path of their
Love and death, while living in this earth.

When we dine sumptuously, on delicious dishes,
We applaud the chef for his culinary skills,
But fail to think about the slaughter of
Those dumb creatures, which appear in the platter.
We kill, and relish devouring the carcass,
And become forlorn and desolate unintentionally,
In the case of love also, at the very inception...


Latha said...

Wow! What a lovely comparison! Beautiful Kunjubi! You have written beautifully. Great!!

Kunjubi said...

Latha... u know why this got delayed. Thgank u very much for the kind words of appreciation. Kunjubi