Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Of promises and resolutions...

31st December, AD> (any year)
“Thanks a thousand times.. Thank you once again;
For years you were roosting in my bosom with your love;
In your desolate hours and the intervals in your offline hours
You were always with me as, my exhaled breath.
Sharing your warmth on my body and soul,
With the fragrance of vibrant lasciviousness.
Thus far, and no further from now on!
From to-morrow we are becoming strangers.
You are alienated. estranged, and no more in my life.”

They stood in the shade of the lonely rain tree;
His lips were quivering in the vicissitudinous emotion,
Her eyes were gloomy and teardrops hesitated to fall down.
He took the last puff from the smoldering cigarette.
That was ready to cinder its filter in the next moment.
He threw out the filter of the fag.
No more smoking from to-morrow!

Time stopped!. The traffic screeched to a halt!
Earth stopped its rotation on its axis!
There was no airin the atmosphere to breathe.
Everything at a standstill!
None of these happened….
No thunderstorms and lightning!
Even the merciful gods did not
Shower flowers from heaven, as a markof appreciation!

Everyone knew that tomorrow will witness
Him scrambling for discarded butts of
Those cigarette stubs for another long puff.
And she will again stand in the shade of the rain tree
Awaiting the sound of his treads on the sand.
One more year is chugging out...

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