Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ages come, transform and come again.
Winds change its directions very often;
Unpredictable changes occur in their path.
Shores melt into the ocean and then
Become coastlines again through time.
Like the story of life, it continues for ever.
And continuously transcends all predictions.
A string of black clouds will exit the stage,
After intermittent rains in their seasons;
And the spectacular rainbow, appear in splendour.
The face of truth hidden among gold and wealth
Will shine in the morning glory, of another eon.

The anguish burning in the eyes of the down trodden
Will bloom, as a fiery star among the populace.
And in it every sweet desires and dreams
Will deliver a world, where liberty, and
Equality with fraternity will prevail.
That is the big dream! Rejoicing
A vision of true Christmas!

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