Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lunatic Asylum!

We are a kind of lunatics; and the world is
Changing, into an asylum, for us.
Moral values are degraded.
When we worship and meditate
Over a supreme power, we call God.
Those who consider Him, as a feudal lord.
And an autocrat, desire to remain
Pleasing Him, be loyal to Him,
And in compliance, to His wishes.

Those who see Him as the embodiment of Love,
Only can think about co-operation,
And for caring others, shouldering responsibilities,
And other values of life, we hold sacred.
Which are fast diminishing.

Man is now atomized, and aspires to fulfill
Only his wants alone; not keen for
Social relations, and collaborations,
Having lost his subjectivity, and duties.
They find consolation in miracles, faith healing,
Sorcery, necromancy, exorcism
And exhibition of power, by prayers,
As a make belief and rush to that crowd.
Magician claim supernatural powers,
And become god men with innumerable followers.

This has become a fad in cotemporary life,
And society approves them as true worshippers.
What kind of treatment is possible
If the shackles which is meant to keep
The lunatics under control, become mad?

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