Friday, June 13, 2008


Far beyond the swelling ocean,
And all the oceans of this earth;
Far beyond this earth and the sky,
Those who venture for such a mission
Seeking all other systems of the universe!
May I ask you one earnest question?
Could you find a Man there or
Anywhere among those, unknown places?
Is there any religion there? And if
Any supreme Gods, being worshipped?

The epics and scriptures taught us lies, that
Man used to live here, once upon a time!
There are gods; there are demons also here.
Not a Man, as they say, could be found yet.
Religions lied to us that, there prevailed once,
An age of equality, in this good earth.

There are Hindus, Muslims, and Christians here,
But still a Man could not be found yet.
Have they changed their labels from Man?
Have they all made an exodus to other worlds?

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