Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lost Horizons…

Born somewhere, die somewhere, live somewhere…
Days and nights pass by carrying heavy
Loads of life’s miseries, on the shoulders,
Limping, and staggering, like a lame duck,
We are scapegoats of our destiny.

Where did this journey commence?
From a point in eternity, or endless time?
Where do we get a rest in this illimitable journey?
Our desires cease to exist with the last breath.
All human relations terminate at the grave yard.
Who placed a counterfeit coin in the purse of the heart?
Called dreams, besmirched with distress.

Friends who shun you; or the society
Longing to cast stones at you?
Those flowers, withered and diffused in the earth,
As dead ones, whose treads they have imprinted
In this soil, will certainly return one day,
After having changed their soiled attire,
From their chambers, in Hades.
Like the sun returns to the sky, after the eclipse.

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