Saturday, June 14, 2008

Your smiles…

If once you smile, the lustre of the full moon
Will brim, and overflow in my reminiscence.
If once you smile looking at me, kisses
Will cascade into my golden dreams, and my memories.
We have only one desire among us!.

The rapturous shuddering you created,
Inside of my inside, by your heart touch,
Is being recited, in my soul, persistently.
Even when you are far away from me.

Even if I reach the paradise,
The spring season, in my surrounds,
Always go with me, in my dreams.
And your countenance will always bloom there.
We have only one ardent aspiration!

You have become a serene happiness in my life
My love! My passion! My sensuality!
The morning song I chant in the dawn,
And the strain I hum in the dusk.
A shower of nectar from heaven on this earth!

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