Monday, June 9, 2008


Like some paper boats wafting and billowing
In the lake, of tears and the shores far away;
No one for help, or to walk along together
To share the grief, in the lonesome heart.

In a far corner of the sky, there glimmer
A handful of stars, in the darkness of the night,
As pilot lamps, guiding me to unknown shores.
Occasional lightning, digging trenches
In the drenched cold clouds, convey
The wrath, of the forsaken night.
Still listening the soft melody of
The rippling sea, and
The song of the sea birds
Preying for the small fish.

The flame of desire for the life is
Swirling, as in a Jacuzzi; lonely hours
Is when the wind claps its hands.
The earthen vessels of anguish
Seeking a drop of water to quench its thirst.
And far away, the morning sky appear,
Showing, a silhouette of the land line.
I am nearing the shore, not much distance now!

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