Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lost Boundaries…

Life is no more complicated.
Love has become a means to an end,
In adopting a mate for satiating,
The sexual urge, haunting the body cells.
Even if the woman is prepared to yield,
It stems from a temptation, battling in the mind.
The call of the flesh or of passion, dormant inside.
She evades from being owned,
Even when accepted, as one’s Adam’s rib.
Now, no one can posses her exclusively.

Nevertheless, both try for unison as one,
They divide, as twins repeatedly.
Even if assuming, they are two halves
Of one entity, they remain separate,
And are in pursuit of finding its other half
Again, among the vast multitudes.

Sexuality is now the forward thrust of
Society, in its procreating activity.
It is never an amoral game or play;
Not a senseless bout between two.
It is a war against death,
For the survival, of mankind.
Sterilized love, is suicidal and retaliatory.
A retribution done to avenge the hatred
Inundating the mind, in frustration.
It is sterilizing the future of the affected as well.
Life is at a standstill, when there is no procreation.
And a countdown on doomsday, commence!

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