Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stage show.

God has incarnated as man in this world.
And volunteered to take over the grief of mankind,
In the arena of life, comprising
Days and nights, sea and shores
Of happiness and woe; tears and smiles.

Life follows the fate, the aftermath of
Previous births; transmits bitterness and
Sweetness in its wake, clad in sadness
At times, and resplendent with joy.
Drama of incarnation continues interminably.
Only the stages change, and the scenario too.

We are just onlookers, not understanding
The play, and how it evolves, or it ends.
Our tears conceal our vision, watching it.
He sleeps in the midst of the roaring ocean,
In the frightful forest, or in an atom

Man has commenced to worship religion;
And not the God, the fundamental Truth.
Now religion is God and supreme power;
Also wealth, another religion and god.
God is retreating from the stage, and
Has no part to play, anymore!

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