Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vanishing fairy…

Could it be the heaven descending to this terra firma?
Could it be a dream, spreading
Its flamboyant plumes, in reality?
Or all gorgeous creations of God
Have diffused together to form
The image of a woman, in real life,
And appearing as one entity incarnated?

The blooms dance in mirth when the honey
Beetle hovers over them, with lust in their hearts.
And miles of smiles rollick in their lips.
I am gliding in the frenzy of an inebriety
Aimlessly, without the knowledge of my body and mind.
Clouds that tranquil the lofty hills in their laps,
Embrace and hug the clouds for their fragrance.
Come my beloved, floating over the chilly ripples,
To my side and enfold me in your love!

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