Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love stories…

All love stories are similar to each other;
The eternal triangle; divine; celestial, tragic,
Sometimes, comical and frustrating too.
Same characteristics, same culmination,
Right from the inception of this universe!
In this terrain when the chariots of heaven
Dislodge the light and darkness
On the rugged landscape of the earth,
There flow the tears of the heroines of
These stories as streams, resembling each other.
In this dismal gloominess of desolation,
There arise and bloom flowers of poetry
Of the same caliber, and tinge;
With the same pathos and disdain,
Of dreadful afflictions and anguish;
Of the disastrous culmination of a tender emotion!
Universal, yet very personal and adhering to the soul!
Trampling over the hearts of humans, lhe road roller of time
Moves on, stamping and pulverizing to naught..

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