Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Foiled dreams…

Once you came into my life as a florid dream;
One day you left, bidding goodnight from me,
Like the notes of a melody fading gradually,
As the reverberation of a tuning fork;
Tell me whither you went!

You came as a song and vanished like silence,
Albeit, you cannot disappear from my reminiscence.
Are you departing my prima Dona,
When the spring sky has blossomed in its bluish tinge?

Who is crying in this dreary night
Breaking the lassitude, faintly in obscurity?
You came as a fragrance engrossed
In love, into my life’s unfrequented path,
To accompany me, rubbing shoulders all the way;
And became my alter ego and heart throb.
Who is wailing in the wake of this midnight,
While the milky moonlight is languishing,
Like the cry of a wild cockatoo?
As the sky calls out its beloved earth,
Like the starlets invite the clouds,
With their winking and shimmering eyes.
‘Come my beloved’…

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