Friday, March 27, 2009

Unheard melodies…

You brought a tambourine of a rainbow,
To accompany my songs, while I sing;
And stood by my side like a blossom of sweetness.
With same dreams, and same splendour and opulence.
Same longing and yearning;
The mind becomes a tidal wave of insatiate
Passion lying dormant, hitherto.

My beloved! I am seeking the nectar amidst
The petals of the blue lotus
Where your countenance blooms;
Let your sweetness sprinkle on my life,
And souse me, to adorn over my thoughts.
I diffuse in the caresses you anoint in me.
I glimpse the gold fish swimming in your eyes,
The pale moonlight in your smoothening words;
Your mind is the confluence of all rhythms, and
As I taste the heavenly nectar of the gods in the notes
Of your tambourine, when you play on it,
I turn to become a tender sprout of the spring.

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