Sunday, March 22, 2009

Of human affinities!

Affinity! Affinity of love
Undulating mental bonds!
Always on the trail, following our life…
Infinite, boundless and endless
Magnetic waves, surpassing birth and deaths;
Encompassing all sentiments and emotions,
Sometimes trespassing on the values of life;
Meeting, and then separating with a yearning
And longing in the soul, to meet again.

We are lone travelers, born as orphans at our birth,
Seeking a wayside inn to rest, in this travail.
Even our meaningless dreams we shared
Are so sacred, hallowed, and devoted;
We identify that and recognize each other by the
Fragrance of our soul, through every re-births.
We are so pure and innocent in our souls,
And that bestow the dexterity to acknowledge them.

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