Monday, March 23, 2009

End of an epoch…

Here in this path, in this shade of the tree
We will bid farewell, not to meet again.
We will part here the same way
We first met together at this spot.
The ever cherished sweet dreams
Even if, upon the funeral pyre
May soar up, as unsated passions.
The magnificent images etched in the mind
Would appear again, even if they are wiped away
With the tears, emanating from the soul.

Do you remember the sweet
Promises we exchanged,
Under the shade of this old rain tree?
May be the branches of that tree, while smiling
Again under the embrace of the dew drops of the autumn,
Could remember, those ravishing enticements, now.
May be the laughing and playing ripples of that river
Could envisage the past scenarios, we enacted
On its banks, and remember how your veil was
Torn, while kissing you for the first time
Watching the sunset, sitting in the golden sand…

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