Friday, March 20, 2009

Futile birth…

Could it be possible for the vanished dusk to
Appear again in a rebirth into this earth,
Where the flamboyance danced earlier?
The wick in the lamp looks as a flame
Of a flower, so bright and splendid
That has bloomed in the anguish of parting.

I am waiting for your return, with sadness
Filling the heart, like the monsoon flood;
Fondling the soft feather of vivid
Memories, in the realm of my reveries.
I hear the footfalls of the seasons
Passing one after another, reaching
My ears, faintly in my delirium.,
Pots of moments shatter and crackle down,
Melt and disappear into the earth like rain water.

Why am I sitting atop the coral island, on an iceberg?
That dissolves into the ocean, senseless,
And ignorant of my futile birth.

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