Thursday, April 17, 2008

My golden dawn…

No need for another sunrise;
You are my golden dawn.
Another sweet spring returning to the garden
Is in vain, since you are beside me.

I came here just to listen to the rustling of
Your anklet and the symphony it instill.
My life turned in harmony with the music
Emanating from the lute, of your consolations.
You have become the melody of my soul,
And its infinite, eternal flame.

We sat on the shores of our desires;
You stood in your waywardness,
Where the waves swirled and caressed you,
Writing and wiping out, our dreams on the sand
We spent nights with our aspirations
Sleeping on the stones, holding its own dreams,
And they turned our dreams, exciting our longing
Into lascivious yearnings, in the mornings.

The pearls in your anklets are the stars in the heaven;
The Golden Fleece in the sky is the silken cover of your breast.
Your words reflect the smell of the musk,
Your eyes radiates the lustre of a thousand lamps in the dusk
The ineffable delight searching a sculptor, you are
Ethereal and a paradigm of Venus.


aria said...

indeed its beautiful like your other creations but there is a sense of deja vu with your previous poems though you do make them different with tender words and surreal imagery..

Kunjubi said...

Thank you Aria for your considered comment. I realise it.The problem is when the theme is static,the de-ja vu elements reappear. the concept goes back to Solomon's Song of Songs. You are too quick-witted and observant. I appreciate it at the utmost.Greatly obliged...