Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poor humans!

The bearish trend has vanquished the stock market,
Where value of man has declined, and decrescent to naught.
The MAN. Capable of subduing the heavens,
Super efficient, than the super computers…
Marauders and plunderers sit at the helm
And the devaluation still continues.

This man only, established religions in this earth;
And religions, created gods in their fashion.
Lastly, the man, the gods, and religions together
Split and shared the earth; and conscience of mankind.

They became Jews, Christians, Islam, and Hindus;
Detested to recognize and revere each other.
Millions of human hearts, turned to become arsenals.
God is dying in the street corner; and Satan is guffawing.
Whither goes the truth, whither goes the charm,
Whither the liberty, whither our consanguinity?
Where is the reincarnation of god, who used
To be here, every millennium?
Man is perishing out in the street,
And religions are grinning! POOR MAN….


Latha said...

Wow! How powerful and thought provoking!! Wonderful poem!

Kunjubi said...

Latha!"Time with its magic wand is a necromancer
All birth is but hypnotical suggestion,
Life is a question to which there is no answer
Death is an answer to which there is no question!" Thank you for the sincere words.I am grateful. cheers...kunjubi