Thursday, April 24, 2008

Light in search of a lamp…

The light is rummaging for a lantern,
And the lamp is seeking the light.
Both are groping in the darkness,
A search, for one another.

The imbecile, lights a torch at mid-day
To observe his surroundings,
As the desires, are craving for fulfillment.
The river and water separate when it reaches the sea;
Grief and agony sever away from the soul
When the last breath of life, is exhaled.
In the empty desert of great expectations,
The lonely horn-bill of the mind, yearns
For the rain cloud, of happiness.
Spring bids farewell to the blossoms in the garden
And fragrance, deserts the flowers.
A cage is lamenting for the nightingale
Who fluttered away into the deep blue sky,
Liberating, from imprisonment.

Life is flowing like a stream; in it
The ripples assume the shape of our imagination.
Like the ocean of our hopes and desires,
The sea beckons, the stream, from afar.
Enter the mansion of tiny little dreams
Adorn a little smile on the lips;
Bury yourself in the warmth of oblivion.
Aspire for those dreams to come true...


Padmaja said...

Simply marvellous. I am astounded by the beauty with which the language is expressed. The following lines are exquisitely grand...

Spring bids farewell to the blossoms in the garden
And fragrance, deserts the flowers.

What an imagination! Glad that I dropped in here.

Kunjubi said...

padmaja... i am terribly sorry to acknowledge the comment u have put in the poem,with a delay of of 5 months, as i cud read it now only. please excuse me for my omission and believe me, it was never intended. Please accept my apologies for the late response. I don't know how I missed it. Kindly be good enough to read my posts here or in SUL and let me know how you think about them. cheers kunjubi