Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I will awaken you…

I will awaken you, singing a soft
Sweet melody in your ears,
Without blowing off the ravishing
Dream from your mind.

I will not try to wipe away the smile
On those delicious lips,
Without chasing the cloud,in the horizon,
Attempting to shower the rain, willy-nilly.

Even the flowers adorning
Your plaited hair, wherein lurks the radiance
Of the blue black heavens.
Will not be aware of it.

Without making even a ripple in the deep blue
Ocean of your star studded eyes;
The black mole on your breast will never
Know the tender touch of my fingers.
The nightingale in your mind will not spy on
My presence, in your chamber.

What made you to come near me and bestow
The gift of your lives here after, with me?
You came stealthy and settled in my lap
Whispering, inaudibly in my ears
Your distaste of life, with heartache.
The leaning shadows will not notice;
The rain soaked clouds are busy kissing the earth;
And now I will awaken you…

1 comment:

aria said...

beautiful.. amazing ..
this is my favorite poetry so far from you.. it is too good.. *sigh*