Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Until when, the woes?
Till our dreams in this world dries up?
I am cognizant of gloom and radiance, yet
Who can decide on shadows, which intervene?
It changes its shape and character, incessantly.
Why does the mind keep an umbrella above its thoughts,
When storms of dejection agitate the mind?
Let me bear the black coffin of frozen secrets
Of my mind, till I leave this mortal abode of my soul.

How many times God has incarnated here,
To correct the trajectory, of mankind?
In return we gave Him only, a wooden cross
And thorns for His pate, and stealthy arrows.
We split, share and segregate
The earth, and religion, coveting gold
And wealth, and treasures; and even
Our conscience, with that avarice.

We keep a wall amidst us, isolate even our
Affections of the heart, and congenial exuberances.
We may throw away the epics and scriptures
And even dare to try sharing the Creator, also..


Latha said...

What an insight Kunjubi! How can you play so easily with words!! You seem to pen down your thoughts in moments. Such razor sharp thoughts and a pen that can compliment with its speed! Great!!

Padmaja said...

Ah! The last two lines are very, very profound. Must have been written out of dejection.


Kunjubi said...

Latha & Padamaja. i am sorry for responding so late but never knew about these 2 comments 1 of yrs and (Latha's soul mate) Padmaja.{It seems, with these encomiums. both of u are simultaneously planning to put me at a dizzy height. in a pedestal, but mind you I have a syndrome of Aerophobia in my mind.}
I appreciate the way you assess my writing, and i am very much grateful for it. Let me know if u wud suggest any changes from the beaten track, if u feel... coz I have been writing all along on the main theme LOVE, and recently took a variation..Do u feel it is tolerable?.. Pls let me know.. cheers... kunjubi