Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love Exchange

The love, exchange tales between eyes, through eyes.
Do you know that the sacred water, springing in you
As desire, is the sweet nectar of passion?
You feel inebriated by drinking that potion.
It turns out melodies and ditties in your heart,
Chilling your soul; like tender spring
Making blooms, and the pearls of dew, forms over the petals.
The pristine fragrance, kissing you to frenzy,
Sweetening the nerves with its grace.
Every moment is blessed with rare repose
Diffusing and dissolving inside that delight...

You, like a picture drawn with poetry,
Like the timid diffidence, in the eyes of the lotus flower,
Like a psychedelic dusk over the sky;
Like a bouquet of rose flowers;
And me drowning in the depth of your tiny dimples,
Swimming among the waves of golden hue of your charms,
Beckoning me to a shore hitherto unseen.
A destination in another re-birth
Through the music, of your eternal love!

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