Monday, March 17, 2008

Life is a tragedy.... Face it.

It so happens that there is a conspiracy being hatched
behind our back, always to take the joy and sunshine
out of our life. They come in form of maladies,
accidents,deaths, etc, and we become losers in the end.

Life has to cope up with such tragedies in a better
way, and sometimes philosophy, religion
psychotherapy, meditation etc. may help us to
overcome that and bring us back to normalcy.
A perception of our mental attitude with physical
Reaction- we call them emotions. Our feelings
trigger this emotion and we succumb to sadness,
melancholy, solitude, and helplessness. And victims
of such tragic situations, resort refuge in religion,
liquor, and may be drugs and sometime even commit

Whatever happens in our life, we have to accept it with
equanimity. A resurrection from the graveyard of our
morbid state become inevitable. This could be achieved
only by rational thinking. We cannot accept the
principles of Fatalism. When something is out of
human control, how do we define it? Coincidence!
Cataclysm! Catastrophe! Who or What caused it?

There is an element of an unknown force or factor
underplaying in it. May we call it Providence..
perpetrating undesired events in our life.
Who?...God!.. Satan!... Weird Powers!...Supernatural
We are unable to find a proper answer to that.

“All that happened hitherto is good!
All that will happen in future also is good!
All that we lost did not belong to us!
All that we will lose also is not ours!
We did not bring anything to this world!
What we acquired here, belonged to someone yesterday!
It was there even before we came into existence….’

Think about this! Does it convey any meaning in your
thoughts or imagination?
What is your view?

(Based on Bhagavad Gita.)

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aria said...

"All that we lost did not belong to us!"

Though I revel in melancholia when I started thinking rationally for most things I came up with above answer .. and it had a magnificently calming effect on my mind. Since then I think I've made a small step in the direction of believing that 'life in fact isn't a tragedy' ..