Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life is a song…Sing it.

“You held a wild flower in your finger tips
Idly you pressed it to indifferent lips
Idly you tore its crimson leaves apart…
Alas it was my heart.”
Joy and humor in life, keep its equilibrium for
a peaceful , fulfilling existence. Together they give us a perspective, to confront the strain and stress of reality in life.

A sense of humor, a hearty laugh, and a moment of
mirth give the requisite nutrients and add vitality to
meaningful life. They bring sunshine to life. The spices
needed here are happiness, pleasure, joy, and laughter.
The experience of emotions is the trigger to our wellbeing..
“Human feelings and emotions are interwoven inextricably
in the fabric of each human individual.
Joy and Delight
Sadness and Hurt
Anger and Hostility
Fear and Anxiety
Guilt and Shame..
Each colorful thread weaves its passage in and out of the
tapestry of our personal and social life. Feelings and
emotions color and create the texture and form of our
individual dream, in our unique time and space, in our
social milieu.” (Mary O’Shaughnessy )

While trying to live a harmonious life of contentment
and meaning, the following factors give us negative
Destroying and desultory thoughts
Harsh and hard words
Evil and passionate attitudes
Wild and unnatural desires
Superstitions and anxieties
Antipathy and ill will.
Sarcasm, Spite, Scoffing, Mockery, Irony etc..
Smile plays an important role in our emotional life;
as we smile because we are happy, we are happy
because we smile.

And here is a recipe from Tiffany Talley-‘Sunshine’.
“Take two heaping cups of PATIENCE
One heartful of LOVE
Two handfuls of Generosity
A dash of laughter
One headful of Understanding.
Sprinkle generously with kindness,
And plenty of Faith- Mix well
Spread over a period of life time
And serve everybody you meet.”

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aria said...

I remember reading that Sarojini Naidu verse long-long back .. it brought back certain memories..