Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life is a duty…Perform it.

Don Blanding, the vagabond Poet Laureate of Hawaii in his “SOMEHOW’ wrote thus-:

“I have tried for many an hour and a minute
To imagine this world, without me in it.
I cannot think of a new born day
Without me here, somehow, some way.
I don’t imagine the autumn’s flare
Without me –here –alive- aware.
I cannot think of a dawn in spring
Without my heart’s awakening.
These treasured years will come and go
With swifter pace-, but this I know, `
I leave no fear- I have no dread
Of that marked day that lies ahead.
My flesh will turn to ash and clay
But I’ll be here-somehow-someway”

We are born in this world as we are. We did not have any choice on the wherever, wherewith or anything. Neither by accident, nor as a coincidence, but by the will of the Providence only. Remember Shakespeare’s words:”There is a destiny which shapes our ends. “
Agnostics may please excuse! Keep those daggers inside its sheath. No malice meant!

Thus we are here, till the bell tolls for our funeral. In between there are umpteen things we have to perform, fulfill, complete, finish off. As an individual this has to be done solo. We have to make so many adjustments in our life as to our emotions, intentions, relationships, lifestyle, personality, individuality, attitudes and everything concerning us. Then only we could perform, to our contentment.
“The cheerful person will do more in the same time, will do better, will preserve in it longer, than the sad or sullen person. ( Thomas Carlyle)

Look forward at your goal, think always that nothing is for ever, and not even our failures. Be not afraid of petty and destructive criticism. Always keep in mind the desire to attain the reality of our dreams. This world is a stage and we are born as performing artists here. There is a screenplay for everyone, and we cannot deviate from that. Keep our spirits high. Sympathize with our colleagues. Love them true. When the curtain falls, the viewers, the stage and the actors will disappear.
Keep that in mind!

Arise! Awake! And stop not till the play ends.


aria said...

I'd been grappling for right words.. its a meaningful post .. very well written and loved that verse at the top.. but as a person I'm just the opposite of all that you've written later. *sigh*

Jims Varkey said...

I am an english teacher from Kochi. nice poems, will be visiting your blog often. But your ads and widgets are too intrusive

Kunjubi said...

Aria, I am just tracking all the comments in the posts and right now I have come across yours. Thanks. You are a virgo and I am an astrologer too. I am also September born. We have so many things in common.And that"Meaning of your name" states almost everything true to a virgo.If u can give me yr gmail Id may be I cud write in detail.To day I read yr 2 posts givng some overtures on yr personal life. .Superb.Will consume every post by and large. Food for thought and imagery. Cheers. kunjubi

Kunjubi said...

Jims Varkey.. I am mighty glad you read my poems, and your assurance that u will be frequently reading it. Please don't find me guilty about rhymes,metaphors and things like that. This is an aberration of the mind, and for a puerile emotional gratification. Please bear with me. cheers. kunjubi