Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is a mystery… Unfold it...

“We are the voices of the wandering wind,
Which mourn for the rest, and rest can never find.
Lo! As the wind, so is mortal life.
A moan, a sigh, a sob, a storm, a strife
Wherefore and whence we are, you can not know
Nor when life springs, nor whither life doth go.
We are as ye are ghosts from the inane.
What pleasures have we of our changeless bliss?
Nay, if love lasted there were joys in this
But life’s way is the wind’s way, as these things
Are our brief voices, breathed on shifting strings.”

We have been taught through ages that enlightenmentis very arduous, cumbersome, strenuous and mostly unattainable. They say that it may take lifelong efforts
with meditation, ‘pranayama’, ‘kundalini’, etc. all sorts of guffaws and gibberish. The religion also teach us the same. Is that true? To unravel such mysteries,
many people stumbled upon enlightenment. But those were accidental.

The reason could be manifold. But the primary one emanates from the tension they build up themselves inside, in the effort of creating a state through which enlightenment walks away. No effort is needed except the effort to relax. Enlightenment will hover above you and settle there in no time. It will shower on you
myriad flowers, like we read what Gods do, when they are pleased. They just shower flowers from heaven.

Silence… Relaxation… Enlightenment!

The mystery is solved. All those who attained it had a relaxed state. You need alertness, intelligence, consciousness. Your vision changes. You are one with the nature. Sublime.. Dulcify. You can perceive deep into everything. Do not give way to your mind to succeed in thinking that it is an impossible and hazardous task. Then the ego gets challenged. And as a dog chasing its tail, the effort goes round and round.

Enlightenment is not a goal. It is you! The seeker is the sought; the observer is the observed; the knower is the known. Your fetters are broken. You become a torch
paving the way with your inner light so that others can see the road. A beauty that radiates with you, that becomes your very nature.

“I sent my soul through the invisible
Some letter of that After Life to spell;
And by and by, my soul returned to me
And assured:”I myself am Heaven and Hell.”


Kunjubi said...

As the wind, so is mortal life.
A moan, a sigh, a sob, a storm, a strife
Wherefore and whence we are, you can not know
Nor when life springs, nor whither life doth go.
Silence… Relaxation… Enlightenment!
:”I myself am Heaven and Hell.”
Read now.

aria said...

Hmm life for me is a maze which keeps inventing something or the other to lure me into its tangles and despite having a bleak view of humankind I continue to explore in my own way ..
Haven't given enlightenment a thought yet .. but these ideas make me curious :)

Its wonderful reading you and your thoughts . .I like taking pauses here and thinking when I read ..

Kunjubi said...

Aria..Thank u for the prompt response. Though I write such things I still have to find out my paths. I am still groping in darkness, inspite of all
the efforts I put in to know the gist of things around us.Good for calming down when in tension.. And thought provoking also... suggest u give a serious thought about it, to come out of that cloister which shields you, and entangles your feelings..
Try.. And let me know its progress. Seems u have not read all that i have
send for you.
cheers kunjubi