Monday, April 6, 2009

Of time and tide.

Time is a strange lover!
We don’t know anything about him.
But we know his sweet beloved, the life!

Blessing her with redolent dreams,
And giving bitter tears of fusty musty despairs;
Will embrace her with vibrant passions
And cast her away with sore hatred.

Will make a hanging garden for her,
In the sky festooned with scented flowers;
And build a palace of wax for her to live in.
Bring up loving children in that palace,
And in the end, arson it with despair.
That’s how the dreams end up!

Will show her unseen visions of Elysium and rapture
Take her away in a golden chariot to show her around
Will sing melodies to lull her heart to sleep
And disgorge her in the desolate wilderness somewhere!
That’s how relationship exists in life!

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