Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty eternal!

Finally, I will fall down wearily with a sigh,
In the lap of my shadow itself, at the end;
One day in the end of this rugged, hectic journey.
I will imbibe a handful of sweet and sour
Memory and sing a song; my swansong!

I was singing once, that life is a carnival,
And I imagined so, as I was running after
Lascivious pleasures from damsels
Flocking around me, serving wine in
Golden goblets and their voluptuous bodies;
And the inebriation it brought forth.

I now realize the futility of my life,
As I find another gorgeous and rewarding
Sight on the wayside, doused in sweat and toil
A beauty blooming in tears.
I will now sing about the grace of that flower,
Finding that it is the angst of love that
Burns out life itself- the eternal beauty!

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