Thursday, April 16, 2009


Are you a magician, my mind?
At times you create a heaven
Wonderful and superb
Sublime and divine.
And sometimes you make a hell also;
Dismal, torturing, and agonizing.
You become an angel so serene
And cherubic with innocent looks.
But the next moment you turn out to become
A devil, fiendish and mischievous.
You become a burning fire; then
You become chilling water, soothing the soul.
You will shine like a flame and then
Fade out like darkness, altogether.
You are like the unchartered ocean;
You are like a puzzle that has no answer!

In a moment you become a bouquet of flowers;
Next moment you become a bunch of cactus.
Sleep as the hours of darkness
And arise like a dazzling day.
Bloom like a brilliant flower
And wither like a ripe fruit.
Who can unravel these mysteries of the mind?

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