Friday, April 3, 2009

At the campus…

Last day at the campus…
Bidding farewell to the loved ones!

They were standing beneath the arbour;
He asked her, looking eagerly into her eyes.
“I have given you my heart and life, so long,
My beloved, what do you want to give me, in return?”

She replied.
“I cherish to give you whatever, the flowering
Season grant, to a blossoming tree.”
“I desire to do whatever, the butterfly
Wants to do with the flowers.”
“Whatever, the dew drops do with the petals of the roses.”
“What the soft ripples always do with the shores.”
“What the moonlight do with the dark nights.”
“Whatever, the raindrops will do with the good earth.”
“What the morning light, does with the darkness, at dawn.”
“What the clouds do with the blue sky, all the while.”
“What the lonely mooring boat in this river, does
With the placid water, when hugging it.”
“Till we diffuse into one soul and
Fade into the soil of the earth, at last;
We as one entity, you in me,
And me in you, happens as a universal truth.
Then as a torrent of love, we move and meander
As one, till our last breath and reach the ocean of love.

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