Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A throbbing heart…

The grandeur of the blue sky,
In the face of a dewdrop;
The beauty of an entrancing spring,
In the heart of a tiny blossom;
The happiness emerging out of the depth
Of the soul, as a ripple in a lake,
Through an innocent and divine smile.

The vermillion adorned on the forehead
Reminds the golden hue of the morning glory;
Two bluish fishes gliding inside the twittering eyes;
The darkest of nights hiding in the locks of hair…
Who is this nymph appearing in my dreams?

Is that tears those cheeks are holding;
Or are those the scripts of an epic etched in the heart?
I can hear the sweet throbs of the heart in
A rhythm, like the song of the nightingale,
Calling its mate in a desolate night,
To roost, and share the warmth of its body.

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