Sunday, January 18, 2009

That evening...

The amorous tinkle of your anklet I heard,
And the sweet treads in the corridor
Sounded, when you came in;
Like the golden rays of the evening sun;
Coming filtered through the colored
Panes, of my window.

As a soft overture, when someone touches
The strings of my tense heart,
Like the raindrops settling on the leaves,
Squirting nectar on my life,
I was enthralled to hear the soft footsteps.

When you paddled into my chamber
Like the bee, circling around a bloom
Shrouded by minuscule drops
Of the morning snow,
As the footsteps approached me
I found you as another grandiose sun,
Trying to drown in the ocean, of my silent love.

The golden hue of the sun covered you
In silhouette;
The buds of my ecstasy bloomed;
In those moments, I became one in you
And you became one in me.

The earth and the sky stared to find out
The lover, of this gorgeous bride and asked.
“Whoever is the bridegroom of this nymph?”

The breeze whispered into the ears of the
Flower. ”What will happen to night?”

And a few stars peeped out from behind the curtain,
In coy meekness, and blinked gleefully.

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