Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oscillating passions!

Goddess of my heart! Did you forget
The blossoms of dreams, we gathered together in
The baskets of our hearts, in the past?
The melody, we composed in the lute of our soul,
Of our love, and its vibrant tones?

Are those flames which enlivened in
The temple of your eyes, with dreams
Dowsed with the fuel of love, extinct now?
Through ages and rebirths I was saving
Those specks of flowers resplendent like
The evening sky, in my heart.
Did the beautiful castles you built in
The air of your day dreams, topple down,
Like a palace of cards, in your life?
A mansion embellished with beds, made of flowers,
Kept awaiting through ages for us to lie down
And enjoy through our nuptial nights.
Did that mansion dilapidate, and now raze to the ground?

This life is a branch of a tree,
Where dreams come to roost
All the time, and desires fizzles and vanish.
Here I am happy of my birth, when I enjoy
A tender breeze embracing me with its love,
A bower of jasmine, where I spend my sunny daytime.
And in there an oscillating swing where passion emerges,
And perchance you with me, all the time...

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