Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obsessions of a life time...

I feel I am embracing you, when I touch
The soft petals of a blossom;
And sense your tender love in
The splendour of the moonlight;
Your eyes are sparkling stars of the heavens
Shimmering when you are beside me;
Your mind overwhelms with your fondness,
As the bluish sky, with its fathomless depth,
My heart sizzles with the untamed waves
Of the sea, while your countenance
Reflects in the ripples of a tiny brook.

It’s your tears that lurk in the dew drops of the morn;
Your enamouring smile, I see in the jasmine bunches.
The hue of my dreams, are splendors of the rainbow;
The fragrance is that, you poured in my reminiscence.
The pining spring you caused to burgeon in my life,
I remorsefully recollect, benumbs my senses,
While I sit in the closed chamber of my retreat;
And touch the rain drops, through the open window.
I feel the frustration, for the lost specks of your love,
Which once adhered on the tips of my fingers,
That flew away now from me, in the wind.
The pale sky of the evening fills sadness in the mind.
In the gloom of the night, that dismay is writing
On my soul, with the black ink of my destiny.
Again a hope is kindling the flame of
My life, expecting you back into my life.

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