Friday, January 16, 2009


In this flight of stone steps;
In the shade of this banyan tree;
If you could sit with me once again!
I will enfold you with all the flowers that
Wither and fall down in a whole summer.

If you could come to me, quietly like the dusk
Of a monsoon day, I could give you
A complete spell of rain, to chill you with bliss,
And I will stretch as a lightning around you.

If you could awaken as a flower, clad in dew drops
In the winter, I could share the warmth of my heart,
And preserve you without wilting in the winter cold.
Strange and unknown are the paths of our future;
I long to scribble a secret hitherto untold,
On the petals of your tender heart
If you could come to me, at this moment…,

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