Friday, January 2, 2009

My angel in my dreams!

Unseen dreams and fantasies
Are magnificent and awe inspiring,
Like unheard music that titillates the senses.
You sleep, my blossom of eyelids,
I no longer wish to unfurl that flower.

I offer you nights where lies beds of flowers,
Bedecked by buds of unquenched passions.
I can fondle you, like a breeze trying
To comb your hair, and caress you with my love.
I will become a dewdrop falling on your
Sweet lips that diffuses in your soul.
I will keep a scented kerchief on your eyelids,
To keep away the light disturbing your sleep.
I will cover your body softly with my breath,
Like the moon light stroking the flora.
I will tap a musical note on your inset.
While smothering your feet, in your slumber.
The lode star is lowering its wick, and fading
To infuse somnifacient light for you.
And I am becoming a silent melody,
Watching over your angelic sleep.

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