Wednesday, November 5, 2014



The world outside looks so big to me
I'm only eight weeks old you see
I belong to this beautiful mom who loves me.

I curl under  her long big ear as she sleeps
Her hand holds onto my paw as I watch her sleep
Golden curls that bounce as she walks
A smile that lights up when she talks.

If I look sad it's because I am now
I'm feeling worried.
She loves me loads 

I know she does, she wouldn't go and leave me

My mom cried, when I said goodbye, but 
I was a brave little kitten
I know one day God will send my mom
But today I know, I am in her safe hands.

Mother is only one 
She is every where for every one
Only the appearance of mother maybe changed..

But her color of mother hood remains the same.

O' oh here she is running down the path,
She's looking straight at me
OOPS! mind the pot on the window sill 
Don't want to knock that off
One jump, and I'm heading for the door 
As I hear her footsteps 
She does love me, I knew she did, but 
I had my doubts to be sure.

How warm it feels in her loving arms 
As she makes a fuss of me
My mom would be so happy 
If she could see me now
I was the last one to leave her you see, 
No one wanted me
Now I'm here with all the love 
A little cat could ever see.

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