Tuesday, November 4, 2014



Did you ever find the honey that

You sought to imbibe, in the words

I coveted to pronounce?

Those uttered words filled with sweet love,

Desired to soar up like a butterfly, as

The heart coveted to spread its wings, and

The blossoms yearned to fly with them.

The tender whisper of your love, diffuse

In my ears,  the sweet passion of affection.

I am waiting with ardour in my heart to

Imbibe the sacred water of your love,

You will pour in to the palm of my hand.

The nature has spread a canopy

Over us,  for the consummation of our love.

I was waiting for this luscious moment in my life,

That could bring the tingle in your bosom,

Like a garland of jasmine buds.

The ecstatic soul suspiring to pour

The honey, beckons you to come

Into the meadow, where the moonlight

Has blossomed and is whispering into your soul...

~.Kunjubi    04 Nov. 2014

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