Wednesday, November 5, 2014



                        ONCE UPON A TIME

Once upon a time, some one came this way

Peddling  dreams embittered by tears.

Seeking this earth, he wandered  through

The island  of Love, carrying a message from Paradise,

He presented those sweet melodies to this

Evergreen planet for its folks to sing - his epistles.

He kept waiting for someone on the lonely shores

Of the deep blue sea, whose endless distress

Mingled with the  yonder sky, waiting interminably.

Gazing at the  wandering clouds carrying errands

Filled with rapturous ecstasy of  love to the  heavens;

All the while clinging to the star spangled  galaxies.

He filled his goblets,muzzling his ambrosial memories

Through every pubs of the night, kept open with

Its undying flames for its inmates, many a times..

Your memory is dripping down  in the seven notes

Of music incessantly  and eternally -

About the stranger who came once upon a time…

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