Saturday, March 20, 2010


My lost dreams! you have set
A throne for me full of woes.
My lost paradise! You have weaved a
A crown of thorns for my pate.

Spring and summer is gone.
I see the dead dried leaves in the earth.
Winter is cruel, though it leaves
Some moisture on the leaves..

The heart is in agony
For the deceit of my love.
My life goes on and on
Like a corpse walking in sunshine,
without shadows,solitary.
May be there is no semblance of reason
For the lies; to toss a life into spasm
Of cruelty, of this maddening world.

A fog of confusion dawns on my thoughts.
Of treachery, of cruel minds;
And a prescience of despair,
Filled with a longing and desire
Of lost love and dead dried dreams,
Muddled in fantasies;
An imbroglio, desiccated memories.

Oh! I hear a lullaby far away
Of a mother, singing her child to slumber.
My heart yearns for such a soft prelude
I used to hear, when I was a child,
And my mother sang for me.

Wish I could live again my infancy,
And cling to her soft breasts and brood
And coo, looking into her soft blue eyes,
Away from this dreadful world;
A solace in the weariness and tedium!
I will fill up my heart
Brimful with your silence
And keep still with patience;
Await for the fragrance of your touch
When you embrace me, again
Holding me in your arms
And once again my life blooms…..

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