Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kama Sutra…

Why the quill of Vatsyayana that wrote Kama Sutra,
Depicted the human heart as a quiver, holding
The arrows of Cupid, ever ready to shoot,
With magical prowess, to subjugate,
The opposite sex, anytime, anywhere.

Or was it meant to arouse human souls,
From penance and meditation, that was
Once the practice, for attaining ‘*Moksha’ ? [*salvation]

Or to reform congenital instincts embedded
Through births in human mind, stealthily
Entering, while the birth and death is in
Suspended animation, trance or coma,
To wreck the life’s rhythms?

Or to hunt down and capture the beauty of Eons
Shrouded in a world of illusions?
Or to change the sweet and divine sensation
Of love in the human heart, into carnal
Yearnings and greed, and hunger, and
To spoil the melody, of selfless affection?

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