Monday, March 8, 2010


I will continue my moonwalk
I need continue as a somnambulist
Let me take your leave,
My tragic desolate memoirs!

Love withers before it is blossomed,
Whimpering before the finger touches it.
Turns away , before getting close.
Desires die out before they are aroused.
Every dream is perished, distraught and shattered.
I am worn to shreds, strangulated…

I cover my eyes with my palms while weeping.
Looking back she is not there; disappeared!
Dreams enter through one path
And destiny goes through another.
Sharp fierce claws of despondency tracking me like
An octopus, with a thousand tentacles.
On the shores of the river of life flooded with the tears,
Lies broken a trillion dreams, a billion desires
Swooned like kites without line or bridle.
Do not seek an eternal heaven in your mind.

It has now becomes a graveyard of all hopes!

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