Tuesday, July 16, 2013




When you come....

 No words are essential…

No hues  are needed to write my chronicle

Of melodies of love, as   you cast a look into my soul .

Though you know not the impact of such a scene;

Where lay embedded a thousand   desires

Involving infinite  imaginations, idling dormant

Insipid in your heart for long, and longing.

Wherever you are, your heart throbs come to  me

Like the soft breeze in the air, stealing  the

The fragrance  of your hair kept

In the palm of the wind embracing you.

And  when I kiss those petals on buds

Enfolding into a bloom, they turn into a hue

Of pink  softness with the coyness felt of the dulcitude,

As that of your marvelous lips.

I will wait for you under the canopy of the inert night.

As the path you walk through, are adorned by

Countless glow worms, like the yonder stars on the  Milky way.

I will embrace your soul and whisper  into your ears

That you are my beloved ,and will liquefy

                                      In the ecstasy of that immaculate rapture.

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