Monday, April 5, 2010


My love turned you
Into a caged bird
I purchased your silver skies
I closed your horizon
In the crust of my heart….
Without anyone seeing it.

I craved to hide you as a pearl
In the locket of my necklace
I heard, you chanting my name,
In your every heartbeat.

I knew the balmy fragrance of your
Eternal love towards me
I saw the rapidity of your mind
Coveting only my ecstasy.
I was your refuge, mother, goddess,
Your beloved, and your unborn daughter.

And what are you for me?
The rain which poured down
On the scorched earth of my heart
Thirsting for the water
Of your interminable love…

A boon-giver who appears in the dream
Before the hapless, helpless devotee,
To grant any gift off him
And I chose your loving heart…

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