Monday, May 18, 2009


I am falling to the ground, my wings
Having broken and shattered, on the
Rugged earth of this blue planet, and
With never-ending grief in my heart.
Let me give succor to the wearied spirit in me,
The comfort of the supple cushions of leaves.
The earth and heaven unaware of the woes in
The heart of the humans, always grin.

Another morning arrived with the beaming sun.
The buds of blossoms awoke and opened their eyelids.
The soul is exhausted with raving thirst,
In front of the milky ocean of love
Brimming and fizzing, in its serenity.

Rainbows flower and vanish in the horizon,
And the poor rain clouds hovers in and around waiting.
The pale moon fills its goblet again for another moment
In the heaven, and enter its chamber among the clouds.
On the pyre of yesterday’s flowers dance
Today, the buds of blossoms, happily.
Still the mind is longing for a drop of the milky
Ocean of love, for its parching lips…

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